Jan Copley Coaches Attorneys Who Want To Grow Their Practices

Jan Copley, Attorney at Law

Jan Copley, Attorney at Law

Build Your Ideal Practice With Coaching From Jan Copley

The questions: Are you

  • Working too much and earning too little?
  • Devoting too much time and effort to servicing “C” and “D” clients?
  • Struggling to cope with difficult partners or personnel?
  • Feeling like there’s never enough time to get all your work done?
  • Sacrificing your personal life to meet your professional responsibilities?

The answer:
Take the steps necessary to build a practice that can better serve your needs as well as those of your clients. As an Atticus Certified Practice Advisor, Jan Copley will show you how. Her experience and unique insight can help you develop the type of practice you’ve always dreamed about but haven’t been able to realize.