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Time to Say Goodbye – Part Two

October 7, 2011

Filed under: Clients — @ 12:43 pm

In my previous column, I spoke about firing employees. There may be some other people in your practice you need to fire: toxic clients!

I’ve written in a previous article http://www.copleycoaching.com/blog/2011/05/who-are-your-clients-and-why-are-you-working-with-them/ about how we, at Atticus, help our clients classify their clients, but I think it’s worth repeating here:

    • “A” clients are your dream clients. They pay — promptly — what you ask. They like the work you do for them. They follow your advice. They appreciate what you do. They refer their friends. You like them personally.

    • “B” clients are close to dream clients. They pay. Sometimes you have to do a little more work for them. They usually take your advice. They send referrals.

    • “C” clients are average clients. They usually — but not always — create problems. They don’t always follow your advice. They may not be as cooperative as they should be. They may be a slow pay.

    • “D” clients create too many problems and take too much of your energy to be worth working for them. They don’t pay, they try to negotiate your prices, they don’t take advice, and they don’t refer anyone to you.

If you have any “D” clients, now is the time to fire them. Don’t hang on to them hoping that somehow they will transform themselves into “A” and “B” clients. Take my word for it — they won’t. Why spend any more energy on people who are only causing you sleepless nights?

You might also consider firing all your “C” clients. Are they really worth having around? Are you making any money — that is, profit — on these retentions? If not, why are you bothering? It probably makes more sense for you to spend your time marketing for more “A” and “B” clients than working on “C” client matters.

How wonderful would it be for you if you only worked with quality clients?

Please let me know how this helps you!

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