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Stupid Networking Mistakes – Part Two

November 16, 2012

Filed under: Networking — @ 8:00 am

In my previous blog posting, I wrote about being subjected to a serious network mistake: brazenly asking for business. It’s unfortunate, but at the same meeting, I was exposed to another networking technique that served to annoy me and drive me away from working with that person.

Mistake No. 2: Talking Too Much. After I disentangled myself from the woman who told me I should send my clients to her, I spotted another woman with a badge that indicated she works with a senior living facility in the area. I walked over, introduced myself, and told the woman I had had a couple of clients who were very satisfied with the care their parents received through that facility. Nice of me, right?

The woman thanked me for passing on the compliment, but then she made a serious networking mistake: she wouldn’t stop talking. She launched into a long exposition about the superior way her facility cares for people, and then about the planned Christmas party, and then about how she would invite me to the party, and then how I should bring younger family members to the party. She didn’t see my eyes glaze over because I really wasn’t interested in any of this, and she wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise (and I did have a couple of questions for her). She finally shut up when I pointed out that our youngest family member lives in South Carolina and isn’t likely to travel to Southern California to attend the party.

So, the end result of all of her talking was that she offended me. It prevented me from starting the kind of relationship I need to know, like and trust her. I still think the facility has value, but if I were to refer any clients to it, it would certainly be through a different marketing person.

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