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Thanksgiving 2012

November 21, 2012

Filed under: Current Events — @ 2:41 pm

It’s Thanksgiving again. It’s my favorite holiday of the year. I like it that we use the day to mark the start of a season of good cheer. I also very much like the concept of the holiday — to give thanks for what we have.

As it turns out, it looks —at least according to a couple of recent articles in the Los Angeles Times — that gratitude — and the happiness and peace of mind that comes from it — may help you build a successful business. According to one article, “The Benefits of Gratitude,” “if we developed the discipline to be consciously grateful on a regular basis, research shows we’d be happier and suffer less depression and stress.”

And, according to a second article, “Happiness May Bring You More Money, Study Says,” gratitude, and the happiness you derive from it, might mean that you’ll make more money. Of course, this is inside out from the accepted notion that more money will make you happier!

It sounds as if encouraging my clients and readers to celebrate Thanksgiving — and to take the message of the day seriously — may very well be good coaching on my part.

So, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Let’s think of it as a start to the best year ever for each of us.

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