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What Do You Do if One of Your Employees
is Using?

February 15, 2012

Filed under: Substance Abuse — @ 6:32 pm

I seem to spend a lot of time blogging about employee issues. Fortunately, there’s one issue I’ve never had to deal with: an employee who has substance abuse issues.

I think I’ve just been lucky; in speaking with my coaching clients and listening to other lawyers’ experiences as employers, I’ve heard horror stories about employees who were using. So, when I came across a recent article in the Los Angeles Times titled “Tips for Dealing with Substance Abuse Problems in the Workplace”, I thought it would be helpful to my readers if I passed it on.

According to the article, there are five things you should do to deal with substance abuse in your workplace:

    1. Watch for signs. Is the employee consistently showing up late, or has his/her performance become quite erratic?

    2. Create a substance abuse policy in your office. If you have an established drug-free policy in your office, it’s harder for an abuser to work there.

    3. Don’t enable the employee. Don’t make excuses and don’t lend money.

    4. Don’t intervene on your own. Let an expert do this.

    5. Don’t delay taking action. The problem is not going to go away on its own.

Please let me know who this helps you!